Jul 16 2017

Smartphone almost replacing the PC?

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A while ago I stumbled over that Intel has launched a piece of new technology which the names Intel Compute Card which provided a low-end PC in a credit card format which is intended to be used as an industrial component. As Intel describes the technology themselves is that the Intel Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimize for their particular solutions. Some of the buzzes were also aiming for business and consumers that they would have the power in their pocket to plug in where ever they needed computer power and access. This will fail to launch as it doubts the most hardware manufacturers will limit themselves to the very few various configuration that Intel offers and as well overpriced ($150 for the low-end models, up to $500 for the more expensive options).

This concept falls between the chairs of mini PC concept and the power that a smartphone offers already to and which is far more enough to provide decent PC experience. What’s failing is that I want to have access and take along my data when traveling and whether this is business based or being on vacation, the Intel concept fails as it locks down the processing power to one single point. Here the Samsung DeX stations which turn your phone, well currently only the Samsung Galaxy S8 into an Android based PC. And instead of mirroring the screen of the phone to the externally connected monitor it actually setups a proper desktop which looks quite nice. For me, this is truly the future concept and where we’ll be heading – Why border dragging around a laptop when you already have everything in a smartphone. Looking for my own perspective I’ve already moved a lot of news reading, daily internet surf and almost all email reading to the smartphone and if I need to do some proper work which would need a big screen the DeX station offers this opportunity. So this concept will definitely add to the sales declining for consumer based PC.

Mobile future is clearly where we’re heading and it’s the future and the DeX Station is clearly a gadget that shows the direction for this and I also hope that similar DeX Station will be offered for phones not having the new USB-C port which my own phone doesn’t have.

Kim Haverblad

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