Feb 03 2010

Sitic moved over to MSB

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The fact that the Swedish FRA, the National Defence Radio Establishment, is the Swedish national authority for Signals Intelligence isn’t taking over the Swedish IT incident centre, Sitic, can only be seen as something positive as this authority would very quickly just end up in negative discussion as its primary objectives which are to monitoring military or civilian signal activities and communication. Placing Sitic at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, can also be discussed as to whether this may be considered appropriate and is now up to MSB to show that they’re up for the tasks as the previous crisis authority (Krisberedskapsmyndigheten) wasn’t up to the task as the practice of an IT attack against the 2008 financial systems in the major collaborative exercise SAMÖ 2008 ended up in a huge fiasco.

Unfortunately, the government once again shows that you do not take IT seriously; If they just had done this, they would have created an authority for coordinating IT-related issues where information security becomes a natural part. Sitic would therefore also get a significantly higher status than they currently have in PTS (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority).

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