Feb 12 2009

Regulations, Standards and Guidelines

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The regulations, standards, and guidelines were the theme at the latest ISACA Malmö after work activity, where SIG Security members also were invited. The basic idea of the seminar was that Erik Ravinder and myself would give our views from audit and business perspective why regulations, standards, and guidelines are needed and where the difficulty is at introduction within organizations. Partly because of overlaps between different areas as well as the difficulty for many to communicate the benefit, and above all that it sometimes becomes an excessive focus on technical implementation. Here it may be worth taking a third party who reviews with external eyes in the form of an accountant or other external expertise that may be helpful and, not least, a masonry for uncomfortable and difficult questions.

The presentation from above ISACA activity can be downloaded here; ISACA Malm̦ Seminar РRegulations, Standards, and Guidelines; As well as a brief introduction about ISACA can be found here; ISACA Malmo РStart-up meeting.

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