Nov 15 2007

Preparedness plans for vulnerable society

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How do you handle the power failure scenario when performing your own disaster planning exercise? This is a recurring question I often get during disaster recovery educations. Investing in a diesel generator to ensure electricity to the environment to keep the equipment up and running long enough to perform secure and controlled shutdown (if needed) rather keeping everything up and running if the neighborhood is down due to power outage.

But, today’s power outage, which affected most ISPs (Loopia, Bredbandsbolaget and Telenor) have given a clear fingerprint around the impact. Being like Loopia to provide DNS services without doing proper risk management and thus lowering just over 300,000 (according to Jonathan Sulo, former Loopia profile) Swedish websites is itself an achievement. Power outages could hardly have been something they have depreciated in their continuity management; But it seems to be when, according to their own account, they only have reserve power for 20 minutes.

The real question is how many of the 300,000 websites which has some kind of critical function? ISPs and customers, as of today’s event, should review their risk management practice.

Today’s event is a good exercise and shows how vulnerable our society is when the power disappears.

Kim Haverblad

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