Feb 12 2009

Regulations, Standards and Guidelines

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The regulations, standards, and guidelines were the theme at the latest ISACA Malmö after work activity, where SIG Security members also were invited. The basic idea of the seminar was that Erik Ravinder and myself would give our views from audit and business perspective why regulations, standards, and guidelines are needed and where the difficulty […]

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Jan 25 2009

Time for change of legislation for breach notification

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Card fraud and skimming of cards is nothing new and the Malmo region has previously been reported by the Swedish police as the region in Sweden which has the highest rate of card frauds reported. But the question is whether it is not the time to rely on change and tougher requirements regarding the handling […]

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Dec 12 2008

Malmo secures it’s position on Swedish national skimming list

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Malmö, Sweden has strengthens its position on the list of places with the greatest problems with hijacking and skimming of credit cards. Several Swedish newspapers write about the recent operation of the Malmö police, which applies to Toys R Us in Sweden, where it has uncovered sophisticated skimming equipment. While skimming of cards is nothing […]

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Mar 03 2008

OOXML changes granted without discussions

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OOXML changes was granted without further discussion and the delegates from 87 nationals that has gathered in Geneva are exhausted and frustrated with an agenda with over thousands points of order – Chaos seems one word on everyone’s lips according to several reports from the meeting. How do you go through 6000 pages in one […]

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Jan 30 2008

Remote bank fraud against Swedish Swedebank

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Most people have heard about card skimming and other credit card fraud but in Swedish media, there are several interesting articles regarding how a local branch office to Swedbank manage to stop a fraudulent transaction in the last minute. The Swedish police won’t talk about it but media claims that a bank employee took notice […]

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Dec 11 2007

What if IBM actually had ported the OS/2 WPS code to Linux?

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Referring to the ongoing OS/2 Open Source Petition at OS2 World there is an interesting story from inside of IBM that goes back to 1998 when I worked at IBM in Stockholm and had the opportunity of meeting Jeff Smith who at that time had the short and consist titel as Director of OS/2 Business […]

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Dec 07 2007

Is it possible to get IBM to open Source OS/2?

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As a big enthusiast of open source and as well since I have earlier has been product manager for OS/2 at IBM Sweden; I really feel for this great operating system that have during many years been far more productive than for example Windows XP for me should be open sourced. IBM has so far […]

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Nov 15 2007

Preparedness plans for vulnerable society

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How do you handle the power failure scenario when performing your own disaster planning exercise? This is a recurring question I often get during disaster recovery educations. Investing in a diesel generator to ensure electricity to the environment to keep the equipment up and running long enough to perform secure and controlled shutdown (if needed) […]

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Nov 04 2007

Smartcard for multiply operating systems

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Have you ever been trying to get commercial smart card solution available on the marked to work with more than just one operating system? Then you might be familiar with that it’s not a walk in the park to get it to work. During my evaluation of both hardware and software I quickly noticed that […]

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Nov 03 2007

MSN Hotmail – New King of Spam a lot

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Couple of month ago and after getting totally sick of all the spam in my mailboxes, so I changed the configuration and installed greylisting support on the mail server. So how does greylisting work? What happen is that each time a given mailbox receives an email from an unknown contact (ip), that mail is rejected […]

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