Dec 12 2008

Malmo secures it’s position on Swedish national skimming list

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Malmö, Sweden has strengthens its position on the list of places with the greatest problems with hijacking and skimming of credit cards. Several Swedish newspapers write about the recent operation of the Malmö police, which applies to Toys R Us in Sweden, where it has uncovered sophisticated skimming equipment. While skimming of cards is nothing new, but what surprises me is that Toys R Us doesn’t have any kind of procedures in place to control their terminals at regular or daily basis so that these have not been tampered with.

That Malmö have problems with the skimming of the cards has earlier been notified by the Police in Malmö and in turn this problem has grown to such extend that it also has been discussed at political level in the city. The problem is so large that some foreign mail order companies now refuse to send packages to Malmo-based addresses.

Unfortunately, has the banks in Sweden been extremely slowly to implement chip-based cards to their customers. Already around 1997/1998 there was large procurement of new ATMs where there was the addition of so-called smart card readers to increase security. Something that all Swedish banks categorical opted out.

Let us also hope that affected customers already has been contacted by either the card issuer or by Toys R Us, Sweden (or the main company, Top-Toy A/S, in Denmark) in connection with this fraud when it was detected and not left nine days later to the media to suggest that customers should cancel their cards…

Kim Haverblad

[Swedish version of this entry can be found here]

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