Feb 12 2010

Is the cloud the emperor’s new clothes?

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An article on IDG.se criticizes that “The Cloud is like the emperor’s new clothes”. What is actually criticized; delivery of quality or inadequate procurement process?

What the criticism really is about is that many companies are actually extremely poor in the procurement of services and gladly hand over responsibility for managing risk and security to the service provider without considering their own responsibility to ensure successful delivery and, above all, the relationship between both parties. There are obviously different reasons for choosing to buy external services. However, for some companies, the primary driving force is to deal with problems that cannot be managed internally. What is it saying that an external party should be able to solve an internal problem that you do not self-solve? Hardly the best prerequisite for a long-term successful outsourcing strategy

I see myself from my own experience from both internal and open training on service level management, how the number of participants most often represents the number of interpretations of exactly the same contractual texts. In other words, it is not uncommon for customers and suppliers to have different interpretations of delivery parameters; Just as there are big differences how different service providers. To sit down and ensure that you have a common understanding of what is meant by uptime, downtime, time to recover, to give some examples, contributes to coming closer to ensure a healthy relationship.

Summarizing is that the customer side must simply become better defining the requirements, but it would not be wrong if the supplier side took the role of being more helpful in establishing a common understanding of the expectations the customer has and, to some extent, educating their customers.

Kim Haverblad

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