Sep 08 2018

Annoying Chromecast Audio Issues

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For a quite a while I’ve been having annoying audio issues with Google Chromecast where the audio disappeared shortly for 2-3 seconds and came back again. Typical this usually occurred every once a while and by random. So a bit hard to put the finger on what the issue was and as well this was regardless of streaming/casting resource. After trying all the classic recommendation from Google support pages, meaning rebooting device, power off the Chromecast including the power supply (which also has LAN-interface) to factory reset without any positive result. I started to test on the various Android devices that we have in the household and same issue occurred on multiply phones and tabs.

So started to wonder whether this was due to any kind of power safe mode. While I haven’t enabled any such feature, I do also annoyingly recon that when Samsung pushes out updates that tend to add new features which sometimes are enabled instead of being disabled or at ask or inform the user about potential new changes in settings which can have an impact on the behavior of the device. So checking Power Saving Mode it was clearly set to Off. Okay, right, what is then…

Power Saving Mode

So in my case since the Power Saving Mode was clearly set Off I scrolled further down to the bottom in the app settings and noticed that there is a function called Unmonitored apps which allows you to add apps which shouldn’t be monitored.

Unmonitored apps

Why would I even need to check the Unmonitored apps if the Power Saving Mode is disabled. But, why not give it a try, so let’s check and add some of the streaming/casting apps which I’m using the most and let’s see if it makes any difference.

And Yes, by adding the bellow typical apps to this list of application that shouldn’t be monitored, all of them now works without any kind of issues: No frequently mute of audio, No video blackouts and occasionally lost of HDMI-sync due to signal dropout.

I’ve actually have had small streaming/casting issues since I bought the Chromecast and initially it was often that I had to reboot the Chromecast maybe once per week or so. So kind of accepted that it wasn’t 100% stable but the benefit that the unit provided was greater than the negative. But, since couple of weeks ago everything started to get worse and also realized that everything got worse with roll-out of Android v8.0.0 and after that I also have had some additional updates. So far, the Chromecast works so well that I’m feeling that I got a new device. Clearly I realize also that Google have pushed out better firmware over the year that I have had the device and as well that Samsung been pushing out updates which have had a negative impact on my setup. But, I do hope that this short article help out other as I had my share of frustration trying to solve this issue.

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