Jul 04 2017


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Welcome to Haverblad’s Things That Should Matter, an information page about the governance and management of IT.

The original site was initially started in 2001 as personal blog for both Angelica and Kim Haverblad, which was later on transformed to a company site for Haverblad IT-Management. When both of us seeked new inspiration and challenges the site once again transformed into a personal blog, Haverblads Tanke|Sfär, which finally transformed to the current Haverblad’s Things That Should Matter due to that we wanted to publish new and re-publish old material in English.

2001: Haverblad.com was launched to share our vision and experience of IT Service Management and IT Security Management.

2004: Based on the increased demand for IT Service and Security Management consulting and training the company, Haverblad IT Management, was founded and a consulting and training company in the forefront specializes in governance and management of IT was born. Knowledge transfer was a key word which describes the operation. Over the years, a lot of material produced such as the books IT from a business perspective and IT Service Management in practice (both books are in Swedish), template packages, customer magazine Haverblad:et including the home page.

2009: After five years, it was time to meet new challenges and inspiration and as of March 2009 Haverblad’s services and educations was part of Acando.

2017: The purpose of Haverblad’s Things That Should Matter is to share our vision, experience and world-wide awareness of the governance and management of IT.

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