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Feb 18 2010

I’m a Twitter – Please Rob Me!

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Social media is today something most people use in one form or another; If it’s blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or whatever it may be. The discussion about personal integrity goes back and forth and culminated earlier around Swedish FRA and whether the government at all has the right to scan e-mail for information to protect […]

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Feb 12 2010

Is the cloud the emperor’s new clothes?

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An article on criticizes that “The Cloud is like the emperor’s new clothes”. What is actually criticized; delivery of quality or inadequate procurement process? What the criticism really is about is that many companies are actually extremely poor in the procurement of services and gladly hand over responsibility for managing risk and security to […]

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Feb 03 2010

Sitic moved over to MSB

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The fact that the Swedish FRA, the National Defence Radio Establishment, is the Swedish national authority for Signals Intelligence isn’t taking over the Swedish IT incident centre, Sitic, can only be seen as something positive as this authority would very quickly just end up in negative discussion as its primary objectives which are to monitoring […]

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